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28 June 2018 by beheer

The apartment is located on the Boulevard de Ruyter in Vlissingen, opposite the small bathing beach. From the apartment, on the fourth floor, you have a beautiful view not only on the boulevard, but also on the sea and shipping. The boulevard of Vlissingen is unique in this: the ships sail in front of your window, so to speak. The apartment is extremely quiet and yet only 5 minutes away from the center. Both walking and cycling you are within minutes in the middle of forest and dune.

The charm of the early and late season
Many tourist cities, especially on the coast, emphasize their attractiveness during the summer season. In some of those places, even at the hotels and restaurants, the door is locked when the summer guests have left. In Vlissingen, however, that is not the case. Here the companies are open all year round and here you are welcomed with open arms all year round.

When the summer is over and the smell of suntan oil has evaporated, that other face of Flushing will be visible again: a bit rougher, a little more defensive. Then the river does not linger in a rustling and lapping way along the beaches and boulevards. Then autumn storms can push the waves up to meter-high bodies of water, which bawl thunderously on the slope or are broken in raging foam explosions by the rows of breakwaters that pierce the sea like pileheads from the boulevard.

With wind force 10 over the boulevard: angled against the wind, the collar stored high, blowing out and watching for skipping water. Then, with tingling cheeks and ears (and hair all sides of the salt), settle behind the protective glass of one of the many restaurants on the boulevard. Where the smell of fresh cut will meet you invitingly …

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